BR of Sea

In the last few weeks, a subject that has gained a lot of repercussion in the shipping market was “BR do Mar”, the name of which Law No. 4,199 / 2020 became known, which encourages cabotage and has the main purpose of promoting maritime transport of goods internally and increase the country’s industrial competitiveness.

Maritime cargo transportation along the Brazilian coast has already grown at rates of approximately 10%, but the government intends to further accelerate this modal and foresees new stimulus mechanisms. The goal is to jump from 1.2 million TEUs in 2019 to 2 million TEUs transported in 2022. To achieve this goal, the program is based on four fundamental axes: fleet, shipbuilding, costs and ports.

In relation to the development of the Brazilian flag fleet, the program encourages existing companies, expanding the possibility of chartering foreign vessels – especially under long-term charterparty or to serve markets that have not yet been developed. In addition, the figure of the Brazilian navigation investment company is created.

In order to foster the development of the naval industry in Brazil, the government intends to encourage the construction and docking of vessels in the country – including expanding the chances of chartering foreign vessels during construction, repair or conversion works – which will increase knowledge in maintenance and the sale of parts and machinery for ships, stimulating the scale of the Brazilian industry.

Actions on costs will affect bureaucratic procedures for cabotage and taxes and fees – with the granting of benefits. In addition, the program aims to reduce crew costs.

For the port-related axis, measures are planned to accelerate the start of operation of terminals dedicated to cabotage. Companies that do not have operations in certain ports will also have advantages.

These are the main points that will be positively and directly affected by the BR do Mar project, but in addition to them, we can also expect the growth of jobs in the shipbuilding industry and improvements in cargo transportation due to the new options created by the project. .

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