High Performance Logistics

With the market increasingly competitive and new challenges appearing all the time, having a logistics that “just delivers” is no longer enough to stay on top. Your logistics need to deliver something more and be a differentiator to put your business ahead of the competition. But how to achieve high performance logistics?

Bulk Cargo or Bulk Cargo

Bulk or bulk cargoes are large quantities of goods or materials in their raw state, before being individually packaged for transportation or consumption. They are cargoes that are not bagged or boxed for their own reasons, which must be transported in specific vessels for each case. Among bulk cargoes, there are two types: liquid and […]

A shipment that saved lives

2020 is a great challenge for many companies, and Interoceanica has been no different. The new Coronavirus pandemic arrived without warning and in a short time tested the adaptability and resilience of employees, suppliers and business partners. Here, we go to great lengths to keep our customers’ logistics in full swing, and in addition to […]

Railroad Modal

In Brazil, only 20% of the total cargo that circulates in the country travels by rail. Although this is a very interesting option for transporting large volumes over longer distances, the Brazilian rail network is limited, covering basically the same extent as it did in the 1920s. But countries like Russia, USA, Canada and China […]

BR of Sea

In the last few weeks, a subject that has gained a lot of repercussion in the shipping market was “BR do Mar”, the name of which Law No. 4,199 / 2020 became known, which encourages cabotage and has the main purpose of promoting maritime transport of goods internally and increase the country’s industrial competitiveness.

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