Railroad Modal

In Brazil, only 20% of the total cargo that circulates in the country travels by rail. Although this is a very interesting option for transporting large volumes over longer distances, the Brazilian rail network is limited, covering basically the same extent as it did in the 1920s. But countries like Russia, USA, Canada and China that also have a vast territory, they have railroad networks that can transport 80% of the cargo circulating in the country, which makes it a great option when it comes to preparing a customer’s logistical planning.

Always looking for the best performance for logistics, Interoceanica has been operating since 2002 using Canadian and American railroads to transport the cargo of our customers who have origin or destinations in these locations. In this year of 2020, we concluded an important delivery in Canada. The logistics involved the maritime and railway modes, in addition to a special handling and preparation of the cargo to meet the safety standards imposed by the American Railroad Association (AAR – Association of American Railroads). All this work was necessary to meet a demand of approximately 1450 tons of steel tubes destined for Alberta – Canada, with the city of Houston – USA as a port of entry.


We are not limited to the Americas, Interoceanica always seeks the best solution to meet your demand, no matter its origin and destination. And Regardless of the current context caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, your company cannot stop. Interoceanica has high performance solutions for its logistics.

Interoceanic. Beyond the ocean.

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